Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to make a house a home

Frame your flat screen
Adding a frame to your flat screen makes it blend in more, instead of just being a tv hanging on the wall it now becomes almost like art. You can use any color or style frame that you like, just measure your tv to see what size frame you will need. Such a good idea.
Wine glass rack
Use the head of a rake to hold wine glasses. Simple, chic and really useful.
Letter Wall
A wall with the first letter of your last name (or this would be cute in a nursery with the first letter of the child's name). Pick out all different style and color letters and put them on a wall. I love how this looks and it seems really easy. You could also make it more colorful by spray painting some of the letters, or even less colorful by painting them all one color.
Dresser as footboard
http://www.buzzfeed.com has 27 things you can do with your bed that you may not have thought of. I'm lovin' this website.
Pallet shelves
Remove some of the slats and stain! How easy is that? I need to go find me some pallets. http://domesticdoozie.blogspot.co has this idea and any other domestic idea you could need!

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