Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get crafty with it

Wine bottle art
What you'll need:
empty wine bottles
rubber bands
spray paint (any color)
1. wrap rubber bands around wine bottle in desired areas
2. spray paint entire bottle
3. let dry
Mason jar lights
What you'll need:
mason jars
super glue
tea light candles
1. Put glue all the way around mason jars
2. Wrap twine/lace over the mason jars
3. Let glue dry
4. Put tea lights at the bottom of the mason jars and light!
I don't know if it's just because I have a strange obsession with mason jars, along with seemingly everyone else on pinterest, but these mason jars look pretty adorable to me!
Flower vase scones
This website has "100 DIY projects that will make you proud", I will definatly be spending a lot of my free time on from now on!
Twig art
This is pretty self-explanitory, all you need is twigs, a canvas, glue and buttons/fabric scraps/or anything that you want to use!
Wall art
Simply cover styrofoam with fabric, there are endless possibilities with this. I'm in love.

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