Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall fun

Apple slices
Sometimes full carmel apples can be just too much to eat, and way too messy. Here's a solution, cut the apples first and then decorate them with your favorite chocolate or carmel and put nuts or coconut shavings on them. YUM

Mirrored pumpkins
Spray old plastic pumpkins with krylon looking glass spray paint.
The scents of fall
This website has 5 simmer pot recipes that make your house smell amazing! Check it out.
This website is amazing, they have 35 fall recipes. Plenty of apple, pumpkin and cinnamon. Mmmm!
Fall Centerpieces
Put beans, popcorn kernels and peas in a vase (or any jar you like) and put a candle at the top. Tie some string around the vase to add a little more spunk. You could also put small pumpkins and gords in it or really anything you'd like :) 
Thanksgiving decor
This website has 16 cheap and easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations. You could also use some of the decorations for Halloween as well.

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